Packaging bag-in-box

Our company is an agent for Aran Packaging, offering a wide variety of bags and liners for BIB applications. 
Sizes of the bags range from 2 liter to 1800 liter. So if you package fruits, dairy products, sauces, wine or just about anything else, we have an efficient, effective and affordable solution for you. 
Aran Packaging was established in 1983 in Israel and specializes in aseptic bag-in-box products for all liquid food and other unique applications. In addition Aran Packaging manufactures all the laminate film for the whole group (Aran packaging, Aran Europe, Aran USA) as well as producing the majority of fitments for use in the Aran Group bags.

Aran packaging is ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 22000  FDA/IOP, BRC/IOP and Kosher certified.


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