IBC system


IBC (intermediate bulk container) is a successful logistic method that provides an attractive economical solution for the transport of tomato products, citrus and other fruits, dairy products, liquid eggs, edible oils, wine and other liquid foods in large quantities while fully protecting the packaged product. In addition,  this method is used for the transport of chemicals and liquid detergents. We offer an efficient and economical IBC solution through a range of aseptic and non-aseptic bags - packages with volumes of 300 gallons and 1,000 liters, adapted to many types of external packages (folding crates, metal containers, etc.). This is a convenient and quality solution for manufacturers who require bags adapted precisely to their transport and packaging needs in the IBC method.

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Saving: An attractive economical solution for packing and transport of liquid foods in large quantities.

Convenience: An inclusive solution for the customer as a complete component within the IBC method

Transport: Convenient and efficient for the transport of large quantities long distances.

Protection: Highly resistant to perforation, and when needed can be aseptic with barrier features.

Environment: less pollution, due to a saving of 70% on raw materials.